Using Filezilla to transfer files

FTP ยป Using Filezilla to upload your files

When it comes time to transfer files from your computer to the web server, we recommend using Filezilla. Filezilla is powerful, easy to use and best of all, FREE. The get started, download Filezilla.

For this tutorial, we will use the "Quickconnect" option. Once you start using Filezilla more, you may choose to use the Site Manager to store your login information. Once you have Filezilla downloaded and installed, run the program and let's get started.

Step 1 - Enter your Host name

At the top of the screen is a blank box to enter your "Host". If your account was recently set up on our server, your domain name may not have propogated yet. If this is the case, use the numerical IP Address from your welcome email. The numerical IP address will always work. Otherwise, go ahead and enter your domain name. No need to enter www in front. Example - "" (without the quotes).

Step 2 - Enter your Username

Next, enter your Cpanel username. This is contained in your welcome email. It normally consists of 8 characters but may be less. If you can't find your welcome email, contact support and we will send you a new one.

Step 3 - Enter your Password

Now enter your password. This is also contained in your welcome email.

Step 4 - Leave the port number blank

Just leave the port blank. If you prefer to enter something, use Port 21. Either way is fine.

Step 5 - Click "Quickconnect"

Click "Quickconnect". You will see some text in the top window as data is passed to/from the server with your login credientials.

Step 6 - Navigate to your Public_html Directory

The files that are visible on the internet are all located within the public_html directory. This is also called the www directory and there is a shortcut folder named "www". The "www" folder is just a shortcut to "public_html" so it really doesn't matter which one you use for FTP purposes. If you put your files in a different folder, they will NOT be visible when you go to your website. The first time you login, there will be an index.html file already there. You can simply delete this file and replace it with your own.

Step 7 - Drag and Drop your files

Now you can navigate to the folder containing your website files in the left pane and drag and drop into the folder you want to upload to on the right. You can also drag and drop directly from a Windows folder without using the left pane.

Useful Tips

  • Hold down Ctrl and select multiple files to upload at them all at the same time
  • Select a file, then hold shift and select another file. All files in between will also be selected
  • The ".." folder icon will take you up one level in the folder structure
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